About Ergotrics

Ergotrics is a Med-Tech company specialized in positioning and moving patients with compressed air. We design and produce inflatable medical devices, which allow for the optimal positioning of patients in hospitals . With special attention given to ease of use and hygiene. By using compressed air instead of manual force, we want to provide better support for patients without ergonomic burden for the healthcare worker.

Latest news?

Ergotrics launches the IxS, the inflatable support for multiple applications. World's first disposable inflatable positioning cushion that supports and positions body parts during any kind of surgical or medical procedures and examinations. The medical staff can choose the shape and size that best suits their needs and patient. Some examples: the IxS-R is used for lifting the thorax in genupectoral / salaam position, for temporary jackknife supine position during open vascular surgery, to replace the kidney roll (Nierenrolle) and for indirect distraction during an ALIF procedure.


Areas of application

Operating Room

Perfect positioning of the patient is critical for optimal surgery and faster recovery of the patient. Using compressed air instead of manual labor is an ergonomic breakthrough in operating room. How do we provide better patient positioning without burden for OR staff?

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our Inflatable Prone Ventilation allows a maximum free hanging abdomen for better oxygenation and thus maximum lung ventilation and oxygen absorption. How do we provide better ventilation in a prone position?

Home care

The demand for home care continues to rise due to the aging of the population and because people in need of care want to live longer in their familiar environment. Meeting this demand requires innovations that can help nurses in their day-to-day activities. In co-creation sessions with nurses, Ergotrics is in conversation with people who work in healthcare and who know the needs of the patient as well as the medical staff. Together we work on better ergonomics in healthcare!