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Ergotrics was founded in 2014 by Dr Paul Depauw, neurosurgeon. He is working at the Neurosurgical Science Center in Tilburg since 2004, a central hospital connected to 17 hospitals in an area of 2.4 million people. Focus areas are spinal surgery and skull base surgery. Through his experience with the operating theater and the difficulties experienced, he developed several solutions for the proning procedure and the prone position before and during surgery. His idea to use compressed air instead of manual power is an ergonomic breakthrough in hospital.

The innovation was launched in 2019 and now sold in more than 15 countries worldwide. Based on the same know-how of ergonomics and hygiene in combination with compressed air as a power source, Ergotrics developed during the corona crisis a solution for prone ventilation in the intensive care unit. Strong R&D and patents resulted in the past years in a wide range of products for other surgeries and medical applications in the hospital. Further investments will lead to innovations for home care.

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