“With the Ergotrics inflatable prone positioning system you can work much faster, more hygienically and healthier for the staff, both when the patient is transferred to the prone position and during the positioning itself.”

-Prof Robert Pflugmacher, Universitätsklinikum Bonn (Duitsland)

Positioning and moving with compressed air

Ergotrics specialises in positioning and moving people with compressed air. We design and produce inflatable positioning cushions, based on our knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Ergotrics - Optimale positionering


The Ergotrics cushions are designed as a mirror image of the human skeleton. In this way, they supports the ribcage and pelvis, while leaving the abdomen free.

Using the IPV reduces the abdominal encroachment upon the lungs and improves oxygenation.

Using the IPS, this reduces the risk of skin damage, congestion and inter abdominal pressure.

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Using the Ergotrics inflatables reduces the ergonomic burden for healthcare staff in the Intensive Care unit (ICU) and operating theatre (OR).

Lifting for hospital staff is kept to a minimum: 100% of our users say that no (40%) or minimal (60%) force is required to position patients in prone position. Even with patients over 100kg.

Ergotrics - röntgendoorlaatbaar


The Ergotrics solutions are fully X-ray radiolucent, which facilitates X-ray applications.

Ergotrics - Optimale hygiëne


Corona (COVID-19) has awaken the world for more attention to hygiene. The Ergotrics inflatables are world’s first disposable prone supports!

The IPV is designed for single use or single patient use. This ensures better hygiene in the ICU and avoids infections transfer among patients.

The positioning cushions for prone operations (IPS) can be used only once. They are glued to the patient’s skin. This ensures better hygiene in the operating room while the cushions remain in the correct position when turning the patient.

The ergonomic advantages are clear but we think that the optimal positioning will also result in less venous congestion with less blood loss and a clearer picture of the operation area. We would like to investigate this further. »

– Anesthesiologist, Elisabeth Tweesteden Ziekenhuis Tilburg (The Netherlands)

With the IBO and IPS we can prepare the patient for surgery in prone position with 2 nurses less. This is a great advantage for efficiency in the operating theatre.»

Head OK, Elisabeth Shukhuset Uppsala (Sweden)

One day these medical devices will become mandatory.

– Neurosurgeon, UZ Gent (Belgium)

This method is simple, more ergonomic and more hygienic than the ways and materials with which one is familiar today. The position of the patient was correct and stable.

– OR team, UZ Leuven (Belgium)

The IPV is a super product. Thank you for your beautiful and practical solution to ventilate patients comfortably in the prone position.

-Team Intensive Care, AZ Monica Belgium

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