New Support for Covid ICU Patients Now Available in the USA


Thursday, Jan 13, 2022, USA. Ergotrics is pleased to present the world’s first inflatable prone ventilation support to improve prone ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Scientific studies highlight the benefits of optimized PEEP and long recruitment for ARDS patients ventilated in alternating supine/prone position, but it is one of the most challenging and ergonomically demanding position changes for nurses. The IPV (Inflatable Prone Ventilation) support consists of inflatable pelvic and thoracic pillows allowing the patient to lie in a prone position with a free hanging abdomen. Prone ventilation allows for better
oxygenation and thus maximum lung ventilation and oxygen absorption in the patient’s blood. The unique selling point of the Ergotrics innovation is the use of compressed air instead of manual labor, which is an ergonomic breakthrough in the ICU – So no more physically lifting the patient up to place positioning aids. Some benefits include:

  • Minimum abdominal encroachment upon the lungs
  • Optimal oxygenation
  • 100% hygienic – single patient use to reduce spread of contagions in the ICU
  • Improved ergonomics by using compressed air

Medtech experts Ergotrics from Belgium have already successfully launched an innovative solution to lift and position patients before spine surgery. Based on the same know-how, Ergotrics successfully developed the solution for prone ventilation in the intensive care unit. Given the current Covid outbreak, this development has arrived just in time for many patients and nurses.

“We saw the incredible efforts of health workers in the fight against Covid-19”, explains CEO Inge Bruynooghe. “The pandemic forced us to give priority to the certification of the Inflatable Prone Ventilation Support (IPV). Used successfully in many European ICU’s, we are proud to now make this important product available to American hospitals through our local distributors. Both production and logistics are running at full speed in order to assist as many intensive care units as possible in their care for these critical patients.”

A Word About our New American Distributor

Ali Mansoori, President of Guidon Medical and a Veteran Business Owner, will be the first distributor to launch this innovation in the United States. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, including prone positioning in the ICU and surgery, Ali is well situated to help bring the Ergotrics vision to the US. Ali stated, “As someone who has worked on both the clinical and product side of prone positioning, I believe that we have a gap in providing a simple to use, ergonomic and cost-effective proning solution in the United States. The wait is now over. We are excited to partner with Ergotrics in providing these much-needed inflatables for healthcare. Our mission is to help ICU physicians, nurses, and staff across America with safe ergonomic positioning tools which will ultimately lead to saving lives and reducing staff injuries. That is our mission, and we look forward to working with the many ICU clinicians who have been looking for this solution.”

Albert Edery, Copywriter Statford Consultants

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