Ergotrics on the way to worldwide IP protection


Munich, November 28th, 2018 – European Patent Bulletin publishes Ergotrics first patent “method and system for positioning a patient.”

The patent policy is an important pillar in Ergotrics’ product innovation strategy. The milestone reached today is the result of good cooperation for years between Ergotrics and the renowned patent agency EP&C which recently also opened an office in Turnhout.

Shortly after the grant by the Netherlands Patent Office in December 2015, Nyske Blokhuis, patent attorney and Associate Partner at EP&C, advised to apply for the European patent. The European Patent Office judged the application as new and inventive on all 19 claims. Today, the keystone of this application has been reached with the publication in the European Patent Bulletin.

The second product innovation of Ergotrics is going through a similar process. All 21 claims about the inflation board were accepted under the patent “method and system for rotating a patient.” When this patent is granted and published, Ergotrics will realize the European IP protection for “inflatables in healthcare.” Patents in US, China and India are also granted or in application.



The Ergotrics Team

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