Inflatable Board IBO

Fast, simple, ergonomic and safe!

An ergonomic breakthrough in hospital care.

Turning patients from supine to prone position remains a technically and ergonomically difficult task, especially with patients weighting over 80kg (175lb). A patient under general anaesthesia should not be tilted by one person alone. The Inflatable Board (IBO) is the ideal device for the safe and controlled tilting of patients.

A clear ergonomic breakthrough in hospital care.

The IBO is reusable and tested for 250 applications and is provided with a pressure sensor. The sensor counts automatically how often the IBO has been used and displays the usages with the LED lights. A handy feature to ensure safe use, also in case of regular shift changes.


Benefits of the Inflatable Board

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What our clients say about us

“We use the Operoll for Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and it makes our work much easier”

Theresa Engelhardt

St. Vincenz Krankenhaus Datteln

“A functional and high-quality product that greatly relieves the user when positioning patients!”

St. Elisabeth-Kranken Dorsten, KKRN

“As an alternative to placing pillows under the pelvis and lower legs, our team came up with the idea of working with a cylindrical pillow that lies under the alternate mattress, which you can inflate with compressed air”

Jan Vosters

Head nurse Intensive Care Unit, Sint-Vincentius Hospital

“With these new products, we increase quality for both our patients and caregivers”

Liesbet Lombaerts

Directeur zorg, GZA Ziekenhuizen

“Interposition graft for popliteal aneurysm is favorable in prone position. The Inflatable Prone Support (IPS) and Inflatable Board (IBO) make proning and the prone position possible even for patients with high BMI and large abdominal circumference. Using compressed air offers a big ergonomic advantage! Ergonomics are important for medical and supporting staff!”
Prof. dr. P.W.H.E. Vriens

Prof. dr Patrick W.H.E. Vriens

Vascular Surgeon ETZ, Professor Quality of Life, Tilburg University

“We can now easily reposition the patient alone. Before we needed two, sometimes three nurses.  The advantage of the Morphemat for the patient? Its back is supported from neck to legs and not at two points.  See our video testimonial”
Johan Jespers

Johan Jespers

Nurse Intensive Care Unit


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