Inflatable Prone Support

Inflatable Prone Support (IPS)

World’s first inflatable, disposable prone support for surgery in prone position. Surgeons and aneasthesists in training are teached to avoid venous congestion and pressure on nerves, but proning is one of the most heavy position switches for nursing staff. By mirroring the human skeleton and variations in size, the IPS supports the rib cage and pelvis while allowing the soft tissue and abdomen to hang freely. This reduces the risk of bedsores, reduces Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP) and prevents venous congestion. The use of compressed air instead of manual labour is an ergonomic breakthrough in the OR.

  • Safer positioning on air
  • Good hygiene
  • Better ergonomics by using compressed air
  • Cost savings possible
  • Size L up to 150 kg
  • Size XL up to 180 kg

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