Inflatable Prone Ventilation

World’s first disposable prone ventilation support for prone ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Scientific studies highlight the benefits of optimised PEEP and long recruitment for ARDS patients ventilated in alternating supine/prone position, but it is one of the most challenging and ergonomically demanding position changes for nurses. The IPV (Inflatable Prone Ventilation) consists of a pelvic and thoracic pillow allowing the patient to lie in prone position with a free hanging abdomen. Prone ventilation allows for better oxygenation and thus maximum lung ventilation and oxygen absorption in the patient’s blood. The unique selling point of the Ergotrics innovation is the use of compressed air instead of manual labour, which is an ergonomic breakthrough in the ICU.

  • Minimum abdominal encroachment upon the lungs
  • Optimal oxygenation
  • 100% hygiene
  • Better ergonomics by using compressed air

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