Inflatable Support for multiple applications


Inflatable Support for multiple applications (IxS)

World’s first disposable inflatable positioning cushion with anatomic shapes that supports and positions body parts during surgical or medical procedures and examinations. Proper positioning of the patient provides optimal access to the surgical or medical procedure site while maintaining body function and structural integrity. Using compressed air instead of manual labor is an ergonomic breakthrough in the hospital.

Toepassingen (enkele voorbeelden)

ALIF procedure

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Our Sickle Inflatable (IxS-Sickle) is used for the ALIF procedure. Before anesthesia, you tape the inflatable in the appropriate place on the patient’s back. During surgery, you inflate the cushion, carefully creating the indirect distraction. When Paul Depauw, neurosurgeon, tried this for the first time, he was impressed and satisfied with the result “Lifting the patient manually to put a pillow under them is too abrupt. The inflatable pillow provides a very gentle lardosis.”

Vascular surgery


The rectangular version of the IxS allows for a temporary supine position during open vascular surgery. You position the patient in the supine position on the rigid operating table in the hybrid operating room (OR) with the inflatable under his back at the level of the abdominal aorta. Intra-operatively, you can inflate and deflate the support to the appropriate height. The surgeon who did this for the first time was very pleased with the result: “The inflatable support provided an easy, safe and quick method of lifting the abdomen during the exposure and repair of the aorta. Time is of the essence and the use of the inflatable support allowed for repositioning in just a few seconds.”

Salaam position


The Salaam or knee-chest position is a surgical position often used for decompressive spinal surgery (lumbar disc surgery and surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis). However, it is challenging for the medical staff. The IxS-rectangular lifts the torso of the anesthetized patient without manual labor and in a controlled manner.

Spinal access


IxS helps to reduce lumbar lordosis and facilitate access to the spine. Whether you are targeting a neurostimulation goal or performing other (minimally invasive) spinal surgery that requires access to the spine, widening the intervertebral space (interlaminar space or neuroforaminae) facilitates navigation and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

For example, the IxS also lends itself perfectly as a kidney roll (in the past, the well-known Nierenrolle).  Placement of the IxS crescentic cushion under the xiphoid ensures optimal access to the renal pelvis and anterior calices. The use of an inflatable in percutaneous nephrolitholapaxis, for example, allows the kidneys to be fixed between the 11th and 12th rib.

Face care on the ICU


Facial care in the ICU can be an ergonomic challenge. Our IxS puts an end to repeated tilting of patients: you can simply inflate and deflate our cushion at any time to wash or nurse a patient’s face. A clear example of how the power of compressed air can be an ergonomic breakthrough in the ICU.

  • Adjustable (inflate/deflate)
  • Better ergonomics through the use of compressed air
  • 100% hygienic
  • X-ray permeable

Select the cushion that best suits your procedure.



  • Sickle
  • Rectangular


  • Large
  • Extra large



  • With tape
  • With cover
  • Without tape nor cover

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