Inflatable Support for multiple applications


Inflatable Support for multiple applications (IxS)

World’s first disposable inflatable positioning cushion that supports and positions body parts during surgical or medical procedures and examinations. Proper positioning of the patient provides optimal access to the surgical or medical procedure site while maintaining body function and structural integrity.

The IxS is available in different shapes and sizes. The medical staff can choose the shape and size that best suits their surgical or medical needs and patient. Some examples: The IxS-R is used for lifting the thorax for genupectoral/salaam position. The IxS-R enables temporary jackknife supine position during open vascular surgery and the IxS-S creates the indirect distraction during an ALIF procedure.

Before or during surgery, the IxS is placed under the patient. The Ixs lifts or tilts the patient’s body part to the desired position when you inflate the cushion. By inflating or deflating the cushion, you can adjust the patient’s position at any time. This makes the IxS adjustable and enables new (surgical) procedures.

The IxS is available with medical tape or absorbent cloth if required. The adhesive tape can be useful when the patient has to be moved during the procedure to keep the IxS in the desired position. The use of compressed air instead of manual labour is an ergonomic breakthrough in the hospital.

  • Adjustable (inflate/deflate)
  • Flexible (2 shapes/2 sizes/3 variations)
  • Better ergonomics through the use of compressed air
  • 100% hygienic
  • X-ray permeable

Select the cushion that best suits your procedure.



  • Sickle
  • Rectangular


  • Large
  • Extra large


  • With tape
  • With cover
  • Without tape nor cover

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