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The Morphemat® is a flexible mat with two air compartments that are inflated separately to reposition patients in the ICU every two hours. By using compressed air, Morphemat reduces the burden on healthcare workers while giving perfect care to the patients. Positioning therapy is the best practice to prevent complications associated with the prolonged bed rest in the ICU 1. Scientific studies 2,3 show that rotating immobile ICU patients every 2 hours brings benefits for the patient’s skin condition, cardiovascular status, musculoskeletal system, oxygenation, but it is ergonomically challenging for the nursing staff. Morphemat is designed to reposition the patients with less burden and less healthcare workers.


Benefits of the Morphemat

Research Background

“There is broad consensus that all intensive care patients should be moved regularly from their back to their sides, and two hourly positioning has been suggested as a routine standard of care.”

Goldhil 2007

“Repositioning supine patients is most frequent patient handling and is associated with high rates of musculoskeletal disorders”

Wiggermann 2020;
Schoenfisch 2019

“Routine patient positioning in the ICU prophylactically promotes comfort, prevents pressure ulcer formation and may reduce the incidence of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, atelectasis and pneumonia. Routine positioning usually involves moving the patient between right and left lateral positions.”

Hewitt 2018

“In intensive care units, compliance to turning protocols ranges from 38 to 51%. Potential explanations for this include sub-optimal caregiver staffing ratios.”

Pick ham 2016


1. Nam Ho Do et al, Effects of a continuous lateral turning device on pressure relief (2016)

2. Sousa I et al, Positioning immobile critically ill patients who are at risk of pressure injuries using a purpose-designed positioning device and usual care equipment: An observational feasibility study (2020)

3. Goldhill DR et al, A prospective observational study of ICU patient position and frequency of turning, Anaesthesia (2008)

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What our clients say about us

“We can now easily reposition the patient alone. Before we needed two, sometimes three nurses.  The advantage of the Morphemat for the patient? Its back is supported from neck to legs and not at two points.  See our video testimonial”
Johan Jespers

Johan Jespers

Nurse Intensive Care Unit

“The IPV is a super product. Thank you for your beautiful and practical solution to ventilate patients comfortably in the prone position.”

Team Intensive Care

AZ St-Maarten Belgium

“This method is simple, more ergonomic and more hygienic than the ways and materials with which one is familiar today. The position of the patient was correct and stable.”

OR Team

UZ Leuven (Belgium)

“One day these medical devices will become mandatory.”


UZ Gent (Belgium)

“With the Ergotrics inflatable prone positioning system you can work much faster, more hygienically and healthier for the staff, both when the patient is transferred to the prone position and during the positioning itself.”

Prof Robert Pflugmacher,

Universitätsklinikum Bonn (Germany)

“The ergonomic advantages of inflatable positioning devices are clear. Furthermore we think that the optimal positioning also will result in less intra-abdominal pressure and therefore less venous pressure, better operating conditions and possibly less intraoperative blood loss. We will investigate this further.”

Dr. F. van Eijs, M.D, Ph.D.

Anesthetist, ETZ The Netherlands


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