All-in-one patient positioning support

A must have in every Operating Room

Operoll for patient positioning in operating room

The all-in-one patient positioning aid

Proper positioning of the patient provides optimal access to the surgical or medical procedure site while maintaining body function and structural integrity.  

The Operoll is placed under the patient on the operating table (or any other supporting surface). When the patient needs (re)positioning, the Operoll is partially or fully inflated using compressed air, which will lift the patient in the desired position. The Operoll can maintain this position until the deflation valve is opened. Thanks to the simple cylinder shape and easy deflation/inflation valve, the Operoll provides optimal positioning for a wide range of applications, such as prone positioned epidural in pain clinics, lateral positioning (AAA and kidney procedures), difficult intubations, thyroid surgery, etc…


Benefits of the Operoll

Ensure patient safety & Save the planet

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  • No product last for ever, especially if it is frequently cleaned with desinfection products. The Operoll is tested for 1000 inflations and has a standard warranty of 3 months. After registration (via the Ergotrics website), the warranty is extended to 6 months after purchase.
  • Products that are registered, get an automatic reminder for renewal within 6 months

Applications (some examples)


During intubation, it is sometimes difficult to insert the tube into the trachea, for example when the patient has a high BMI. A short neck, small mandible, small mouth opening and poorly mobile neck can also be reasons why intubation is difficult. In these case, it is desirable to obtain the optimal intubation position for each patient, but every patient is different and unique. With the Operol, the ideal position can be set for each patient: you can simply inflate or gently deflate the cushion.


The Operoll allows optimal thyroid exposure. The Operoll is placed under the patient’s shoulders on the operating table. After the incision, the Operoll is gently inflated. This brings the chest up and opens up the surgical area.


The most common application of the Operoll is in the lateral position. You place the Operoll under the armpit or the waist and inflate it during the procedure to reach the surgical goal (e.g. heart of kidney). This application is commonly known as the Kidneyroll (or Nierenrolle). 


Painless accessability of the epidural space is a challenge. For optimal treatment the lumbar spine needs to delordosate. The Operoll helps to bring the patient into the right position for this. The Operoll is placed under the patient in the prone position at the level of the iliac crest. When the Operoll is inflated, the patient’s hollow back is straightened creating a wider interlaminar window ideal for treatment. 

Because of the ease of use and patient comfort, the Operoll is used in this way for prone positioned epidural infiltration, nerve blocks or implantation of epidural electrodes (Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS).

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“We can now easily reposition the patient alone. Before we needed two, sometimes three nurses.  The advantage of the Morphemat for the patient? Its back is supported from neck to legs and not at two points.  See our video testimonial”
Johan Jespers

Johan Jespers

Nurse Intensive Care Unit

“The IPV is a super product. Thank you for your beautiful and practical solution to ventilate patients comfortably in the prone position.”

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