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Areas of application

Our inflatable cushions can be applied in hospital care, home nursing and veterinary medicine.

Hospital care

It is our mission to support the comfort of patients and OR staff with the power of compressed air. Because good positioning is crucial for every operation, doctors from all kind of disciplines are asking for different shapes of the IPS and are making suggestions for more variations.

Home care

The demand for home care continues to rise due to the ageing of the population. Majority of the European elderly want to stay longer in their familiar environment. In order to meet this demand, innovations are needed that provide perfect support for patients and can help home nurses and caregivers.

In co-creation sessions with nurses, Ergotrics is in discussion with people who work in care and who know the needs of the patient as well as the medical staff. Together we work on better ergonomics in healthcare!

Veterinary medicine

What is the opportunity of inflatables in veterinary medicine? Since September 2019, Daan Schoonvliet, student product design at the UA (Universiteit Antwerp), has been addressing this question. From tumor resections in companion animals to cruciate ligament surgeries on expensive sport horses. Operative treatments for animals have long been no exception. Properly supporting animals in these procedures is a challenge. With the help of Daan’s study project, we can develop Ergotrics products that are also specifically applicable in animal medicine.

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Ergotrics - Luchtkussens op maat van de patiënt

Each patient is unique. Our R&D team is creating new sizes of the Inflatable Prone Support. With these new sizes we can offer our IPS and IPV-system to more patients. Size XL for patients between 120kg and 150kg. Size M for patients between 40kg and 80kg.

Luchtkussens Ergotrics - andere toepassingen

Correct positioning of a patient is also important for other interventions. Current users ask for other types of pillows for other procedures. For the future, our R&D is working on new inflatable devices for the support of shoulder operations, hip operations, etc …

Ergotrics IBO 2.0

IBO 2.0 | In the End Of Life project (EOL) a counter for the Inflatable board (IBO) is being developed. We guarantee that the IBO can be used safely for at least 50 times. The counter has the primary goal to indicate the user when the product is (almost) over its guaranteed lifespan.

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