Ensure patient safety
Save the planet

No product lasts forever, especially if it is frequently cleaned with desinfection products. That’s why it is important to replace your Operoll before it is defect. 
How long can I safely use the Operoll? 
The Operoll is tested for 1000 inflations and has a standard warranty of 3 months. After registration (via the Ergotrics website), the warranty is extended to 6 months from purchase
return your product and earn money
We can recycle your old product!
When you return your used Operoll
within 6 months after purchase,
you get 55€ discount on new purchase!!
How to return? 
Fill in below contact form and return your Operoll:
(1) Give it to your local sales person where you bought the product
(2) Ship it in an (A4) envelop to Ergotrics NV –  Operoll return – Slachthuisstraat 120/8 – 2300 Turnhout (Belgium)