It’s recommended to use a structured team approach and careful selection of equipment tailored to the patient and surgery.

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    Selection of the right positioning cushions

    Ergotrics’ IPS cushions are designed to mirror the human skeleton. This provides the thorax and pelvis with the necessary support, while leaving the abdomen free. (See image)

    Because of the well considered choice of material, shape and positioning the cushions reduce the risk of skin damage, congestion and intra abdominal pressure, while still providing the best possible support. Even for patients above 120 Kg, since the cushions are designed according to weight and size.

    In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the IPS cushions offer another benefit: they are X-ray radiolucent. By filling the cushions with compressed air, the X-rays pass through the positioning materials more easily. This facilitates X-ray applications, in contrast to the use of typical foam cushions.


    The advantages

    by mirroring the human skeleton.

    by positioning on air.

    by safe use of compressed air.

    by single (patient) use: disposable cushions

    How does it work?

    Ergotrics is a Med-Tech company which specializes in the use of compressed air in healthcare. We develop and manufacture products which allow for optimal positioning or moving of patients. Without heavy physical labour and with special attention given to ease of use, patient safety and hygiene.